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Noble has positioned a predominant role in automobile industry of Kerala. We distribute major auto parts of reputed manufacturers since our inception in the year 1974 with core base in Calicut by extending branches in Cochin and Kannur. Within one year of strong presence in the automobile industry, we realize the high potential of demand of genuine auto parts segments of the industry.
In order to cater the major segments, Noble has established two business entities in Kerala, viz., Noble Motors India Pvt. Ltd. , Noble Auto Agencies. With these entities, Noble can efficiently and effectively manage its distribution networks and related processes with a unique and established track record augmenting its various avenues of growth.

Noble has a commendable bonding with major automobile spare parts manufacturers across the country. Through this acquaintance, the supply and distribution are carried out proficiently which are backed by technically trained team. For total control, the entity has divided into three departments, viz.,

Wholesale and Distribution

Under this division, we distribute auto parts to as many as retailers in the State which are more than 1300 in number. Our distribution channel delivers the stock at substantially no time compared to the competitors.

Lubes Division

Under this division, we distribute major lube brand to the dealers. At present, we are having more than 450 dealers across Kerala.

Export Division

Noble Export Division considered to be the insignia of our acclaimed position in the automobile spare parts industry. This division upholds our experience and also the delivery of quality products without delay. The perfect maintenance of turn–around-time in the delivery of product has also brought in clients’ satisfaction which in turns resulted in customer delight. Our export arena has it presence in all over the Middle East Countries especially in Qatar, Abu Dhabi ,Dubai, Bahrain, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia etc. Srilanka & Bangladesh.

With vibrant and commendable experience in automobile industry, we have identified the potential business segment by making use of our research wing competently. Our constant urge for new and improved innovations will always serve our client’s demands in a tremendous manner which is instrumental in creating milestone.

Thanks to our Customers, Suppliers, Dealers and Employees for making the Group stands high in terms of reputation and growth. We will uphold our stakeholder’s value in its true spirit and respect.

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